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HOA 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2018 – Bridge Creek Reserve HOA

HOA 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2018

HOA 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2018

Prior to the start of the meeting, each attendee was asked to sign in and take a copy of the meeting agenda, the budget, and some information about mailbox maintenance.  There were 17 homes represented at this meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 6:06pm by our HOA President, Leslie Vaughn. Each attendee was asked to introduce themselves and tell a little bit of information that they wanted to share about them.


Treasurer Report 

  • The Treasurer report was given by Tonya Smith.
  • Leslie mentioned that the water is being turned off this month and will be turned back on in March 2019.
  • The Electricity bill has been pretty standard for lighting the entrance of the neighborhood.
  • Landscaping takes up the bulk of our budget.



  • Leslie mentioned that the entrance to the neighborhood will be decorated this weekend. This effort should only cost approximately $100. Neighbors are asked to participate if they can.  The goal is to eventually change the layout of the landscaping in both areas.  A question was raised about the scope of the landscaping contract, in which Leslie expressed that the weekend efforts are not covered by our landscaper. She also mentioned that the board elected to change the frequency of the landscaping contract from 1 year to 2 years.


Incentive Program

  • As a part of the neighborhood incentive program, this year’s Fall Yard of the Year goes to Ms. Christy Gibbs who lives at 1306 Carson Drive.


Improvement Program

  • This year’s elected improvement activity was to paint the poles and frames for our street signage. This work was done on September 25, 2018.


New Business


  • Leslie would like to remind each homeowner to remember to put their trash cans in the dedicated place when not being picked up.
  • It is requested that neighbors adhere to the covenant when dealing with bushes/weed control. Leslie stated that she has issued citations to owners; however, she stressed the frequency of the neighborhood inspections. She recommended possibly creating an enforcement committee to assist with governing the neighbors or hire a management company to manage the entire HOA. Hiring a management team would dramatically increase the price of our annual HOA dues. Most attendees disagreed with the suggestion relating to the management team taking over the HOA.
  • Kliff Mosley suggested that we, the neighbors, get out and talk with our neighbors more to make our neighborhood feel more like a community. Conversations took place relating to this suggestion.
  • Shawn Jenkins stated that he doesn’t believe that everyone has a clear understanding of the HOA covenant. He mentioned receiving a citation about his bushes being too tall. Shawn stated that the covenant reads about shrubs in front of a window but his shrub is not in front of a window.  Discussions developed between Shawn, Leslie, and Patrick concerning this issue and the comments made on Facebook.  Shawn feels that if you are going to hold him to the standard, that you should hold everyone to the standard. Leslie stated that his bush should no pass the roof line of his home.  This statement was challenged by Shawn.
  • Kliff made the suggestion to stop the violations and get to being neighbors.
  • A question was asked concerning the number of residents who participated in the changing of the bylaws. It was stated by Patrick that we had enough people from the neighborhood to make this choice and change the laws. Patrick continued by letting the group know that extra effort was made to contact homeowners who were not a part of the meeting.
  • Shawn asked the president about assessing fines without warning. He mentioned that he did not receive the information about fines when he received his first citation. He stated that he didn’t authorize the board to present him with a fine. Other neighbors made him aware that the fine is already in the covenant.
  • One of our neighbors made mention to the difference in mailboxes within the cul-de-sac near Windrose. Leslie made them aware that the mailbox in question is approved for use due to medical requirements.
  • Kliff mentioned the neighborhood engaging in activities throughout the year. Leslie asked him to head up that committee with help. Christy, Mary, Kliff, Tom, Patty, & Sonya are all a part of the committee to create more activities throughout the neighborhood. A suggested place to have our activities was the cul-de-sac on Carson Drive. Cookouts and blow-ups for kids after the meeting.
  • Edward stated that the covenant needs to include clear standards.
  • Sonya mentioned that the website will be updated before the end of the year. It will include more information than it currently does, including a directory of neighbors that will be accessible only by neighbors.
  • Shawn suggested that we have more than one meeting a year. A conversation was created among several members regarding multiple meetings and they all agreed. Sonya suggested that the board come up with a calendar of dates and publish it on the website and on facebook when they are set up.
  • It was suggested that before the next HOA meeting, communicate with the neighbor on the left and right of you and invite them to attend the next meeting. It was suggested that we think about video chatting with homeowners who are not able to be available. Sonya stated that she will look into it.
  • Leslie stated that she created a workorder for BellSouth to cut the weeds behind their box near the entrance of the neighborhood. The workorder has been fulfilled.
  • Leslie stated that the vice-president position is open. There were two nominations, Linda Williams and Forrest Holifield. Linda Williams was voted in as the 2019 Vice-President.
  • Leslie announced that our light post will be getting different lightbulbs. They will be changed from incandescent bulbs to Florescent bulbs.
  • Edward asked the committee and his neighbors to forgive his yard for the time being. When they moved into the home, the yard was torn up. He then asked if anyone could give him the name of a tree cutting service. Many neighbors answered.
  • Troy asked if anyone has a suggestion for a good company who can install fences. Brasher and Walls were two companies that were suggested.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:09pm.


Minutes recorded by Sonya Telfair, HOA Secretary


  • 1301 Carson
  • 1306 Carson
  • 1311 Carson
  • 1313 Carson
  • 1319 Carson
  • 1321 Carson
  • 1322 Carson
  • 1324 Carson
  • 1327 Carson
  • 1330 Carson
  • 1333 Carson
  • 1341 Carson
  • 603 Coleman
  • 612 Coleman
  • 616 Coleman
  • 708 Coleman
  • 104 Coleman