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2016 HOA Budget - Bridge Creek Reserve

2016 HOA Budget – Bridge Creek Reserve

Each year, we have established an operating budget for the Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association. This budget is drafted by your elected members, reviewed and discussed at assocation meetings, where all residents are encouraged to attend and participate in these important decisions.

The 2016 budget is listed below for your information and review. The budget process is fairly simple, as we have a very small community to run with just under a $5,175.00 budget and must consider everything from landscaping to utilities.

Your board members wanted to remain sensitive to the fact that times are tight and we need to hold the line on the annual assessments of our neighborhood. That is not to say that we will not be focused on the continued maintenance and upkeep that has set our community apart from many others. Over the years, we have done a good job in serving our neightbors; as a result, we have been able to negotiate favorable terms with vendors thus allowing us to continue to high levels of service without having any major increases in our dues.

If you would like more information on the budget or budgeting process, please contact any member of the Association. On behalf of the board, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Bridge Creek Reserve Community!

Patrick Browning
President of the Bridge Creek Reserve Home Owners Association

2016 HOA Budget


2016 Anticipated Income (69 homes x $75.00)


2015 Carryover amount






PO Box Rental




Web Page Development (One-time Expense)


Web page Maintenance (Annually)


Legal Fees/Filing Costs



Lawncare Maintenance


Landscape Supplies


Weed Control/Fertilization



Electric – $40/per month – Average



Entry Sign Makeover (One-time Expense)


Street Signs “no outlet” – One-time Expense


Additional Projects (neighborhood yard sale, etc.)